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How to Get Accounting and Bookkeeping Clients: Experts Share 5 Best Tactics

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how to get clients as a bookkeeper

If you’re reading this, it means you see the opportunity, and you’ve already asked yourself the important questions every entrepreneur needs to answer. You want to help businesses by starting your own bookkeeping business. And we want to help you figure out how to get out there and land your first client. Many don’t have the time to keep up with the necessary data entry. They may also lack the needed training in QuickBooks or other accounting software to keep appropriate records.

Another good idea is to network with other bookkeeping freelancers. I have seen freelancers on Upwork charge anywhere from $10-60 per hour for their services. While you don’t have to be a CPA to become a bookkeeper, there is some prep and training involved.


You can also use keywords and phrases relevant to your niche and increase your chances of being found online by future clients. Writing about the importance and benefits of bookkeeping services can help to draw in your ideal customers. Some small and medium sized businesses don’t understand the value that bookkeeping services offer to their business. Shea Keats says, “Many of our advisors at Breakaway think that in order to get clients, they have to do social media, even though they aren’t excited by the idea or consistent on those platforms. When they’re not consistent, they don’t see results.” Likewise, some types of networking may not align with your personality or values. A trusted advisor becomes an integral part of the client’s business, often leading to referrals and long-term client relationships.

Email marketing sits near the top of the list of effective marketing channels. You can grow your list through your website and create simple campaigns to start. As you increase your email marketing know-how, you can develop more complex campaigns to reach prospective clients.

How to Record and Film Your Video Sales Letter:

People hearing you as a credible expert reinforces your brand, makes people feel they can trust you, and gives you exposure at no cost to potentially thousands of your target customers. Finding potential bookkeeping clients can be a tough job, especially how do bookkeepers get clients for new bookkeepers. But the good news is that there are many creative ways and marketing channels to help both old and new bookkeepers find new clients. We spoke with industry experts who share the best approaches on how to get bookkeeping clients.

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